Thursday, November 30, 2006

The River and slb are ONE!

Got home late last night as I met up with a buddy to look at a couple stock ideas and a couple beers to open up the discussion. Almost forgot that the Mookie is now a FT event but eventually got registered for the 2nd chance.

slb was good enough to girlie chat with me and tell me how stud h/l works. Seems like a cool game and I will spend some time trying it out again in the near future. Managed to scoop a nice pot with a 6 high straight against MiamiDon in the 2nd chance with my new knowledge!

Of course slb managed to knock me out of the tournament during the holdem round and me being shortstacked with AA hoping to get all in. I did but by the river slb had already hit the straight. One way to defend your blinds from UTG raises!

Overall, I was happy with my play which didn't donk away like the night before when I got to the final table. Upon sober reflection it was sort of pathetic to donk away a chip lead like that so close to the money... that foolishness will have to be avenged.

On a good note I did manage to win some cash at my favorite Booyah tables...

30.11.2006 02:33:27 Leave Table $124.83

30.11.2006 02:31:25 Leave Table $185.00

30.11.2006 02:30:26 Leave Table $102.00

30.11.2006 02:20:47 Buy chips $80.00 <---- give me a full buyin

30.11.2006 02:20:08 Sit down at table $20.00

30.11.2006 02:02:24 Sit down at table $100.00

30.11.2006 02:01:16 Sit down at table $100.00

Not much time but a good reward.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PNIC + WWdN 2nd Chance

Played alright in two events tonight but managed to blow up soon after getting to the final table.

Luckily the cash game was good on Booyah again and now I have turned 700 into 1,500 on that site ($310 bonus dollars). Only playing NL100 so that is a nice run of cards where guys are willing to go all in with junk. There have been hands that I get sucked out on but I have managed to get my money in good against big stacks often enough to make up for the bad beats.

The Full Tilt bonus that I have is something that I probably should try to earn more of while it is available. As we approach the end of the year it would sure be nice to actually take a couple steps forward to my 10k goal.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cardschat - ReviewMe

This is a sponsored post about Cardschat. The site is focused on being a new forum to discuss poker and also a site with valuable advice on strategy. In addition they review a bunch of the sites and have bonus codes if you are looking to setup through them. They are not offering rakeback or other promotions like some other sites but I would be more interested in the site's offerings if they did that. Hopefully, we see them step in that direction soon as it would generate more income from forum posters in the long term.

The guide section is very interesting and I will spend some time reading most of these articles. First off I don't know how to play Omaha at all which makes it tough to play HORSE .... actually I need a guide for all the games involved! Bankroll management issues? Well they have that covered along with poker books and a section on studying your game.

In the forums you will find a great community of players who have a bunch of tournaments that they use to get people to post more often. You need 15 quality posts in order to get the passwords to those events so join now and start posting. It should be interesting to get a few of the bloggers into these events to watch us clean up!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Booyah, even when drunk

Well managed to get home around 1 am last night feeling a little tipsy from 6-7 pints of beer, 4 shots of tequila, 1 jagermeister to round it all out. Played in a poker event that the dealer had to be the worst person to ever to hold that position. Turning over flops before people called bets and taking forever to catch up to the play. In the end I lost my chips to the guy who invited me which worked out for me so to the bar I go!

Like I said I was feeling tipsy but I fire up the Booyah!.... two table NL100 while watching Dexter (good show) and finish up $100 in about an hour. It was getting late and next thing I know it is morning and I am sleeping on the couch! Feeling good today and got some work done while catching up on the 60+ blogs that I read.

Going to keep playing this rush that I am on and hopefully I can start working up from my current low bankroll situation. The bar on the left needs to be updated... will get to that soon... I think.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

9th Place LAG...

Managed to squeak into the money last night in the WWdN which was good. Made a couple mistakes late after building an alright stack and then way way overplaying TPTK against an overpair. So silly of me to do things that I wouldn't do any other time. Blaming that bad play on how tired I was playing last night.

Used the 2nd chance to work on my LAG skillz (sorely lacking) and managed to build up a nice stack. The good part of raising every other hand and then cbetting is that you win lots of small pots but you get to stack people when you hit really hard. Flopped a flush and bet out only to get raised! It rocks to convince people that you will bet with nothing and are willing to do it with your whole stack. Calling raises cold also gave me a chance to play post flop which is an area where I need more work. Spent time trying to figure out what hands a person could be holding to make plays against me. It was making poker fun again... have to try it again in a few more events. Of course it all ended badly when I put CJ on a pocket pair or missed draw and he was firing with air.... instead he had AA. Such a good read!

Had to turn down flying to Buffalo to watch the Leafs game and flying back because I am going out tomorrow night as well. Don't get me wrong I will be out for a bit this evening but just not for long. Tomorrow night is the NHL Alumni poker night money raiser for scholarships for kids.... damn thing sucks for structure so I will be pushing one of my first three hands to get to an early chiplead or bust.

Got out monday night and drank some Cakebread Cellars 2003 Cab which was good but way too young to be opening now. That still didn't stop 3 of us from downing 3 bottles plus a bottle of Caymus Zin. Paid for my drinks by taking the guys on at that point to HU poker for $50 / game. Smoked both of the guys and ended up with a few extra dollars in my pocket. Not a bad night overall but it will keep me in check over the next couple nights.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another night saying Booyah!

Played well in the Mookie last night where ScottMc decided to limp reraise all in with 7's vs my Q's. River is the case 7 and he jumps to the early chiplead instead of me. Always nice when you get a big hand on the button and raise to 6x BB to punish limpers (but it appears to just be a steal). I guess my image is such that it wouldn't shock someone to see me pull that move with worse than normal cards. In ScottMc's defense he did see me laydown a couple hands to pushes by DuggleBogey who must fear my post flop play to either push or fold against me!

Moved over to Booyah poker for some fun playing some 1/2 NL online. Having played a few hours live at this level makes handling the larger bet sizes less of an adjustment. Played TAG for a couple orbits when I get into a blind battle against a LAG. He completes and I check with K2s. Flop is 10d, 9d, 2x and when he checks it is open betting season. Pot it and he calls so I put him on a draw. Another 10x on the turn and he leads out for $8 and I smooth call to control pot size. A harmless 5x falls on the river and he leads out again for $32 or just larger than the pot. This play looked very weird to me because someone with a 10 would not lead out with a bet on the turn. So in the end it appears that he had a draw that didn't make it so I called. Great read and he mocks me for being a calling station but I ignore him. 10 mins later looking at AQs gets me to raise to 5x bb (my standard TAG raise) and a short stack of $65 pushes from the BB. I call and it is against A10o. Love the push and my hand holds up... sweet. Table breaks so I move to another one. Get AA 3 hands in and do a standard raise. Short stack with $75 pushes all in and I call and racing against JJ. My hand holds and the night is getting better! This site is full of guys who like to gamble. Won a total of $170 before calling it a night. Going to spend a bit more time playing that site and building on my buddy list. Also earning a bonus that clears quickly at the 1/2 level.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Review ME!

ScurvyDog mentioned this site so I joined up because cash is cash... so this is a paid advertisment! All 3 million readers of this blog are going to love the stuff that I pimp on the site.

Signing up as a blogger is free and you get a rate that you're paid for each review, based your blog's Alexa and Technocrati rankings, as well as an estimate of your RSS feed subscriptions. You can make up to $250 per review (50% of the price is what you actually earn) depending on the page rank and traffic of your blog. Having more posts should increase your pageviews and increase your earnings. You can receive payment via PayPal/check.

Why not make some cash?! Everyone gets to review the ReviewMe site when they sign up. Now lets hope that they have a few poker related items for me to review. Everyone should note that all bloggers can be / should be truthful in your reviews, no need for fake positive reviews. So setup your new ReviewMe account and choose some key words where you want to be placed. Many of the poker bloggers are using: poker, casino, bonus, gambling to put them in the correct category. I am still a little unsure about how advertisers pick which blogs to use but these keywords could be the key to getting more jobs.

Now if we were also able to adjust our price lower to get some more business that would also be a nice addition to the features on the site. If there is a weakness on the site it would be the lack of current other offers for us to go about reviewing while our excitement for the product is the highest.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Victory in the Hoy!

Managed to not lose my composure at the final table like normal.... also only made one lousy call with Q10o when I called a re-re-raise of my steal attempt. Lucky for me that I ran into Q9s and my hand held up.

The tournament started well with me catching some cards vs. Mowenumdown who kept flopping sets that couldn't hold up against 53s (I hit a flush) and the fateful hand of 82o vs. 87 in a blinds battle where I flopped two pair and turned the boat. GG Mow and that chip lead really helped out.

After that Shadowtwin was nice enough to not crack my 5's in a coinflip and I was off to the final table! He said that without his chips there was no way I was going to win it.

Fuel had some bad luck at the final table to bubble but played his usual aggro game to put a run at winning the tournament. In the end it was CJ standing toe to toe with me and luckily I held a good chip lead. He did manage to chip into it a bit but then I started to get more aggro and it paid off. Won with AJ vs. 99 with the J on the turn all in preflop.

Sweet turn to win the Hoy

The funny thing about the results is that I am usually finishing where Hoy finished, and he usually finishes where I finished... if that makes any sense!

First Hoy Victory!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I also managed to not totally tilt when my warm up $10 SNG ended poorly for me. One of the things I seem to do when I am playing my A game (stop laughing!) is that people get tilted by my plays. LAG player to my right raises from the button and I repop it to about 40% of my stack with Q high. He folds and I don't show. No comments but I could tell that he wasn't enjoying my TAG play pushing him around the couple times we tangled. Down to 5 handed when the hand happened that should have ruined my play in the Hoy. KK in the SB and the superstar LAG raises again which is what I expect everytime it folds around to him. I reraise for 50% of my stack to make it appear that this move is a steal. He pushes and I call.... villians hand A3o! A on the turn and I get to focus on the Hoy. Damn the effect of playing back at someone hard gets people to do silly things. Win that hand and cashing is certain and 1st is a good possibility. In the end you wonder what hand range the villian put me on prior to the push since fold equity really wasn't there.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Playing with DeezNutz!

Sorry for the poor hand history... it is a Booyah poker thing.

$10 - NL - 9 Seats
Holdem No Limit
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 1 : joinus has $2,000
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 2 : bodder has $1,960
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 3 : queen99 has $2,000
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 4 : bigredbadge has $2,000
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 5 : Wolverine630 has $2,140
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 6 : TIMBO26 has $1,980
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 7 : Mungo36 has $1,960
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 8 : thevicker has $1,960
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 9 : DeezNutz! has $2,000
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : TIMBO26 is the dealer.
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Mungo36 posted small blind.
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : thevicker posted big blind.
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Game [2] started with 9 players.
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Nov 10 21:59:15] : Seat 7 : Mungo36 has Ks 5h
[Nov 10 21:59:23] : DeezNutz! called 40 <---- EP call looks funny - be careful!
[Nov 10 21:59:24] : joinus folded.
[Nov 10 21:59:25] : bodder folded.
[Nov 10 21:59:25] : queen99 folded.
[Nov 10 21:59:26] : bigredbadge folded.
[Nov 10 21:59:35] : Mungo36 : well played wolverine
[Nov 10 21:59:36] : Wolverine630 called 40
[Nov 10 21:59:39] : TIMBO26 folded.
[Nov 10 21:59:41] : Mungo36 called 20 <--- complete
[Nov 10 21:59:41] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 7 min.
[Nov 10 21:59:43] : thevicker checked.
[Nov 10 21:59:45] : Dealing flop.
[Nov 10 21:59:45] : Board cards [3s 9s 2h]
[Nov 10 21:59:47] : Mungo36 checked.
[Nov 10 21:59:48] : thevicker checked.
[Nov 10 21:59:55] : DeezNutz! bet 160 <----- looked like a cbet from EP or weak overpair
[Nov 10 22:00:00] : Wolverine630 folded.
[Nov 10 22:00:01] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 7 min.
[Nov 10 22:00:11] : Mungo36 called 160
[Nov 10 22:00:14] : thevicker called 160
[Nov 10 22:00:14] : Dealing turn.
[Nov 10 22:00:14] : Board cards [3s 9s 2h 6s] <---- bet the scare card and try to take it down
[Nov 10 22:00:21] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 7 min.
[Nov 10 22:00:22] : Mungo36 bet 166
[Nov 10 22:00:25] : thevicker called 166 <--- don't like the call
[Nov 10 22:00:26] : DeezNutz! folded.
[Nov 10 22:00:27] : Dealing river.
[Nov 10 22:00:27] : Board cards [3s 9s 2h 6s 4c] <---- miracle card!!!
[Nov 10 22:00:39] : Mungo36 bet 666 <---- bet like I have the K high flush
[Nov 10 22:00:41] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 6 min.
[Nov 10 22:00:42] : thevicker called 666 <---- call felt better than a raise!
[Nov 10 22:00:44] : Showdown!
[Nov 10 22:00:44] : Seat 7 : Mungo36 has Ks 5h
[Nov 10 22:00:45] : Seat 7 : Mungo36 has Ks 5h
[Nov 10 22:00:45] : Mungo36 has Straight 65432
[Nov 10 22:00:48] : Seat 8 : thevicker has 3h As
[Nov 10 22:00:48] : thevicker has Pair: 3s <---- why I love this site.
[Nov 10 22:00:48] : Mungo36 wins 2,304 with Straight 65432
[Nov 10 22:00:56] : Hand is over.
[Nov 10 22:00:56] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 6 min.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

CC's Thursday Night Bash

Looking forward to some real fun action tonight with a ton of places to play. To start off we have the typical D2S, WWdN Not, and now the CC Bash! Trying to win all these events should keep me playing a bit tighter than I did last night on Booyah Poker.

Check out Riverrun's blog if you want to help him with his pimpage requirement at Booyah. The site is full of some of the worst players I have ever seen at the cash games. Lots of action and hopefully positive variance will hit me next time. Waited over an hour to try to bust two complete over aggro guys and only got a small piece of each. Played a couple small MTT's as well to try to get used to the horrible structure that they have on that site. Have to triple up early but then keep on applying pressure to build the stack to be a monster. Levels of only 8 mins and blinds that jump from 400 / 800 to 600 / 1,200 makes it tough to play slow. I did finish 16th out of 138 in a $10 MTT but could have done better if it wasn't 3 am.

The Raptors game last night was just amazing. Had great 2nd row courtside seats and got to see the Iverson vs. Bosh all night... the steak dinner at Harbour 60 was also a fantastic way to start out the evening. Nothing like a 10 oz Filet with some crab legs plus all the trimmings with some zinfandel to wash it all down. The good thing was that post game I didn't run to the live game to catch up with Astin as that could have put a dent in my pocketbook (in addition to reading about my donkish play the next day).

In other news my case of Dowie Doole 2004 Reserve Shiraz just arrived at my office. Might want to open a bottle once I win the 1st place prize that Pokerworks is adding to CC's event.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big Game - Lucky Night

The excitement I had to play in the Blogger Big Game had me pumped all day. Had to go to work on Sunday but managed to get my head clear (had to avoid wine at dinner) and ready to play well.

TripJax seemed to enjoy calling all of my raises with what felt like any two cards and betting large into me on the river. Folded KK once to his madness when the A hit on the turn card I already had him on a set. The next time I raised was with AKo, TripJax calls, SB calls and we see a flop.

As 5x 3s --- so the flush draw and potential for sets is what is on my mind at this point. SB leads out with 1/2 pot, I think about raising but felt that keeping pot small but I have Trip on a draw if he calls. The insta call worries me but if he had a flush draw it would make sense to call here. Sets become less likely because he would have to raise against two players.

Turn 6x. Looks like a harmless card and when the SB bets 3/4 pot I figure I am ahead and push 1,900 in chips in the middle. TripJax reraises my push and TPTK looks like the trash that it is. SB folds and I see the bad news.

Board: As 3s 5h 6h
equity (%) win (%) tie (%)
Hand 1: 18.1818 % 18.18% 00.00% { AhKs }
Hand 2: 81.8182 % 81.82% 00.00% { 6s5s }

Nice to see that my hand reading skills were so accurate. He is drawing to a flush or full house. Luck prevailed and a miracle 3x hit on the river and I take an early chip lead. Next orbit in the BB with AKo vs. 1010 and the stack is growing nicely.

So it was starting to look like I could go far in this premium event with a large chiplead early giving me time to sit back and wait for solid starting hands. If I did make a mistake it was not leaning on players like Smokkee at this point. Post flop I am not as good a player as him, but I can push lots of chips in the middle and put the pressure on him. Instead I played textbook TAG poker.

My luck peaked with the following hand. In BB with 88, facing a standard 3x raise from MP and I call. Check raise Budohorseman all in on the flop and wasn't too happy running into set over set.

How to hit the one outer!

At least I put those chips to good work and managed a nice 3rd place finish. Thanks to the luck factor and the chips I managed to steal in these hands made it possible!

Out in 3rd
Congrats to Sprstoner and Smokkee on the finish.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Big Game

Haven't played much poker lately but I will stop by this evening for the BIG GAME that MiamiDon puts on at FT.

Looking forward to donking away my nice tier II token in quick fashion.

Hope to see everyone out tonight.

In the meantime I get to try to figure out income trusts and new taxation rules here in Canada.... fun fun.