Friday, April 13, 2007

Later Neteller

Got my cheque from the folks over at Neteller. Sad to see a bunch of my poker bankroll come out but it should convince me to play better to build it back up. This is my first withdrawal since starting playing online.... only put $100 online to start and just took out almost 2k. Not a bad return especially when you consider all the awesome internet buddies I have made.

So Neteller doesn't want the Canadian cash moving business... well back to promoting MyCitadel to get cash to most sites trouble free.

Flying to Atlanta tomorrow but not much free time (would have loved to meet the whole Atlanta crew) this weekend. Starting by landing at 1 pm and then going to the hockey game at 3 pm. On the Sunday I am going to take little Guin to the Georgia Aquarium which looks like it will be a fun family event. Then it is off to Orlando for a week of fun and hopefully sun with lots of time spent on the beach and visiting with Micky Mouse.

The last thing to finish up before going on vacation is finalizing our upgrades on the house we bought. New builds leave 5,000 questions to be answered and we are getting closer to the end of it all. Our current place is just getting listed and hopefully it will sell at a good price.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of posting and playing in blogger events. Been super busy with my investments and trying to come up with the cash to pay for the new house the wife wanted.

In the process of getting the current house ready for sale we had a few rooms painted. The paint was giving me a headache (and I think giving me a weird 'high') while I proceeded to lose half of my FT bankroll. I did things that evening that would normally never even cross my mind. Now I will get a good chance to play another 10k hands at NL25 as the bankroll dictates that is the current level.

Painful but no problem as I should be able to regain lost cash soon enough and get the game to dominate 6 max tables.

Looking forward to rejoining the group soon as I can. Happy Bunny Day!