Friday, May 25, 2007

First poker night in a while

Rusty as all hell.... down 90 or so tonight but tried a couple of those HU token tourneys... lost two in a row.... and also lost a reg token event... blah all around.

Going to start to work out again and try to lose about 20 lbs and see if I can pick up my energy level. At some point I also want to get my sleeping patterns analysed because I know that I wake up far too often. That is messing with my ability to get good rest and think better the next day.

Lots of good stuff to do and not enough time to get it all done!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wow time is flying

I have to get back in gear and start to play some poker again.... been too long since I sat down at a blogger event and started raising every other hand to 336... I realize that I have been tagged multiple times so I figured I should start with those random 7 things about me.

1. I am shitty at being a husband, father, friend etc. Being so selfish is something that I try to not do but it still happens far too often. Add alcohol to the mix and I get even worse!

2. As I get older I am getting so lazy and fat. I think that getting overweight gives me less energy which contributes to my lazyness!

3. The new house I am buying is only a couple km's from my current house. Moving right next to a provincial park and looking forward to having more space. I did splurge a little by buying heated floors in the bathroom and we also put the toilet into its own room instead of it being part of the bathroom area.

4. Never been a pet person. I guess that comes from not having pets like a dog while I was a kid. The birds or fish I did have always died due to lack of care on my brother or my part.

5. I would like to spend half of the year on the east coast living near Halifax and my winters in TO. TO has snow but it is also the only place I have found that I can make good money working in the financial industry.

6. Multiplication tables were / are tough for me to recall. Learning stuff like that has always required pure memory and my mind always struggles in those situations. I remember at the time saying that the real issue was if we could always carry a calculator on us. Now I do have my rim on me to handle those difficult calculations!

7. I am a big Pepsi fan. I can and do drink upwards of 4-5 cans a day and if I am offered Coke I will usually 'settle' for it.

Now lets hope I can start to get into a few of these blogger events and win some damn points.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lots going on

Been busy for the last few weeks and the poker game has to be rusty as hell. Managed to put my house up for sale and then sell it for 98% of list within a week. I also was on vacation that week visiting a friend in Atlanta for a couple days. After that the rest of the week was spent in Orlando taking little Guin to see Mickey Mouse.

Since I got back last week work has been busy as hell... just working hard to get back my stress level that made me need the last vacation! The good thing is that things are working out and making some good coin.

Yesterday was the deadline for filing my taxes and I found out that I am owed 3k by our gov't. Looking forward to getting that and hopefully not getting audited!

Tonight I have a university alumni event where we chat to current MBA and undergrads that are about to graduate and move to Toronto. Fun fun... at least the booze is free.