Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No internet and no air conditioning.

Just moved into the rental house that I will live in for 5 months while the new house gets built. So far I have no AC and no internet access... so no poker but tomorrow night I will be playing in a $100 buyin tournament. Actually on second thought it looks like I might go play a quick tournament tonight for $60. Unless the wife is still not feeling well then I will rush to her side.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Smokkee I will be back.

I am moving this weekend as my fathers day gift! At least we hired movers to put us into our house rental for at least 5 months while our new place gets built.

Soon as I can I will do what I can to get back to the blogger events and try to win some of them!

I am sure that most of you guys miss my 336 reraises into you holding the nuts....

Finally some poker to report

Played live poker last night after a run around night on the town. Did my show up with a light buzz and the plan of not playing any hands until I got some pop into me. Had a great night overall where I was up over $450 playing 1-2 because my tight style got paid off.

I did try to alter my play a little and take some slowplay risks because my live cash game is quite ABC. KK in the SB and I call a raise with three other callers. I knew that if I reraised here I would be telling them I have A's or K's. By calling I could get away from the hand cheap if an A hit and I could check raise the flop because two of the players were aggro post flop. See a nice Q high flop and I don't get to check raise because 1st aggro guy raises to $15 and aggro player 2 re-raises to $60.

Now what do you do in this instance? 1st aggro player is solid but loose and aggro but will call bets out of position if he senses weakness. I tried to just call the reraise hoping that both come along for the ride. 1st aggro guy folds and a beautiful K falls on the turn. I check and she bets $60 and I go all in and she calls with AQ.

Now after this I notice that when I raise she always seems to call with any two cards. I am only raising pairs at this point of the evening once I am up a few bucks. In EP+1 I raise with AA and get thebutton and the BB (same villian) to call. Now even when I miss a flop I usually have to bet $25 to get these guys to fold as a cbet with a $10 preflop raise. So following the same pattern I fire out $25 and the button folds but my BB villian reraises me to $60. She only has $102 behind so I don't see her folding after putting 40% of her cash in the middle so I push. She calls and I don't get to see her cards as I rake in another good pot.

The key for me winning money in that place is to arrive sober enough to play and also leaving once I start to become a calling station.