Saturday, December 31, 2005

A little annoyed - plus live Toronto games

Just realized that I missed out on getting 2x the bonus from PSO because I didn't read their promotions part of the forum. That being said it has taken me a couple days to get used to that site and overall the players aren't really that good. Still working out the problems with GT+ as an overlay working with the site. Once that is going I should be able to kick butt and really turn up the earnings.

I have added a link to the left for Toronto area poker meetups which should help us find a couple live games without going to Niagra. I find that most live games the quality of play is usually similar to very micro limits with 1 or 2 players who are good. Avoid them and you usually end up in the money!

Snowing like crazy today and I will have to shovel again soon.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 bonus cleared

Well the $150 initial bonus has been cleared. Now I have to look around and see what will be the next bonus for me to clear. I will probably do one of the ones through PSO because I want to get some of the prizes for my home games.

Will take a look tomorrow to see bankroll at this point. I would expect that $1,500 has been surpassed finally. Next goal is 2k and that is really in sight.

This stuff is starting to get exciting.

Getting the hang of higher levels

I have found that the players at are playing anything from NL25-200 so it is much easier to adapt to the higher levels. This isn't possible at sites like UB because there are so many more players and the levels break down quickly according to skill.

This lack of skill at higher levels has helped me bump up my earnings rate from this site. Getting close to earning the initial deposit bonus from this site. I have also been fooling around with the sportsbook with a couple small bets. I am really not into the gambling so much but it was fun to put a bit of cash on the Canadian Junior Hockey Team.

Had a couple suckouts today so back down to the $1,100 range for the bankroll but bonus and good play should solve that problem.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Holidays tough to find the time

I find that with a full time job and child it is difficult to find the time to put in the hours to develop the game I want. The other night I was enjoying kicking butt at (check out link on left side of site) and ended up $300 which is a significant improvement to my bankroll. Of course this made me quite tired for the last couple days of xmas festivities.

Currently running at $1300 total online and the goal is to clear another bonus ( about half way now) and play 5,000+ hands in January.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the holidays and got the gifts that they were looking for.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Great 2nd night

Finally got onto the website and deposited cash into my account... turned 200 into 500 on my first day... most of the guys who play nl50 also play nl100... much to my benefit.

I have also been drinking a bit of wine this evening which ruins my aggressive play but it seemed to work this evening. Luckily most guys love to overplay their hands on this site so you can sit back and wait to hit a hand and then stack someone for it.

The holidays are upon us so happy solstice to everyone... looking forward to letting you know my progress in the new year.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good first night since blogger built

Spent the night playing on bet365 playing tight towards 500 raked hands to get my $100. Overall it was a good night playing one table of nl20 and one of nl50. The prima sites work with pokertracker and the good bonuses seem to make it very tight. Luckily for me they are almost always sort of weak which adds to the win rate. I would figure that only the die hards would be playing at this time of year but the fish are still out there.

So +$28 tonight and got another 58 hands out of the way. Not bad for a night where I am quite tired.

Not long before I get to write them an email and get my bonus and get out of town.... still waiting for action poker to get my cash to neteller.

Different sites

I have so far only played at a few sites. I have found the software to be the best at ultimate bet because I like the mini view. Action poker network (see link to site) has an alright site but the worst players ... which makes it a worthwhile site to play at. On sites where pokertracker works I will run that but if the play at non pokertracker sites is this bad it might be alright to play. I only went to to Action to earn a bonus and instead I earned $400 in two weeks playing NL50. Being able to beat that level made quick work of the bonus so that put another $150 in my pocket.

So the goal of my blog is to chat about poker and where I am attempting to make some cash. I started with $100 (wife didn't want me to put more into poker) a few months ago and currently running around $1,200. If you use pokertracker I would be listed as a TAA with 21%/9%/2.4. For non pokertracker players I seriously suggest that you get that software as you can learn a lot about the game. The numbers mean that I play 21% of hands by putting money in the pot and I preflop raise 9% and my post flop aggression is ranked as 2.4 which is high.

Well I am off to play a bit at ultimate right now where my balance is under 300 which I have to improve. Note that with the frequent reload bonuses at that site you should always play for bonus cash but it clears slowly and the players are better than average.

Have a good one.


1st post

Just wanted to create a blog where I can chat about my poker progress. Just started to go around and take advantage of the bonuses that are offered at various sites. To learn where to do that well you can always visit I will setup a couple affiliate site links that if you sign up through me it would be helpful.