Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sorry Smokkee

This will be short but wanted to finally post something since getting back to Canada. Wanted to get out at the Commerce Casino and meet Smokkee but instead I was trying to get my little girl to sleep. She was sick for the first three days of the trip and to top it off the first night was our request for a crib wasn't relayed to the hotel. All of a sudden I have the job of keeping her from falling off of the darn bed. Wife didn't want me running off leaving her to tend to baby Guin... now who knows when I will get to meet up with anyone in LA.

Hopefully I can catch up with you Smokkee at one of the Vegas events. Owe you and your girlfriend a few drinks for not showing up.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Another solid Thursday night

Finished 7th in the D2S9 and 5th in the WWdN Not. I played a nice LAG style last night and I think I really had people doing some weird things.

Mookie calls a check raise against me with TP no kicker?!! I did love him saying donk call before doing it. Lets see what the situation was on each street. First he raises from the button to 3x bb. I figure suited connectors are good enough to see a flop since I had a bunch of chips and could be calling with anything!

equity (%) win (%) tie (%)
Hand 1: 55.0018 % 54.77% 00.24% { Ad5d }
Hand 2: 44.9982 % 44.76% 00.24% { 9c8c }

The reality was that I wasn't that far behind. Flop was 7c, 10s, Ac. I check to Mookie and he bets 1k and I raise to 3,636 (double lucky). OESD + flush draw puts me into the lead with 9 high! That didn't stop Mookie from going all in which was 200 more than my bet.

Board: Ac Ts 7c
equity (%) win (%) tie (%)
Hand 1: 43.2323 % 43.23% 00.00% { Ad5d }
Hand 2: 56.7677 % 56.77% 00.00% { 9c8c }

Turn gives me even more outs. This also keeps me much closer to even in the hand but no longer in the lead.

Board: Ac Ts 7c 8h
equity (%) win (%) tie (%)
Hand 1: 54.5455 % 54.55% 00.00% { Ad5d }
Hand 2: 45.4545 % 45.45% 00.00% { 9c8c }

River was a blank and I lose a big chunk of my stack and ended up going out soon after. In my defense after that was that I was deadly tired from too much partying the night before. Just glad that I was able to switch things up from time to time to keep people guessing.

In the D2S at the final table I was so outplayed by Zapper. He came in 2nd but I didn't have in his hand range suited one gappers which is what he used to defend his bb against me. If anyone else at the table raises in that situation I think he lays that hand down but against me it wasn't a bad call. He flops two pair and when I cbet and got raised I should have folded. Bad cbet since it put me in a spot where calling with AQ on a J high board was sort of my only option. As mentioned before but that was a truly horribly played hand on my part.

Off to LA tomorrow and I will get the chance to meet up with Smokkee. Looking forward to that as he can help out my game for sure. If I can pull it off I will try to make it to the tournament that is going on but right now I don't think I will make it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Big Night - Mansion Hedge, D2S, WWdN Not

One solid evening of poker for me last night. In addition to poker I was also looking forward to the Steelers game finishing (had the hedge on so didn't care who won though leaning towards Pits winning of course).

The first tournament of the night for me was the Donk2Shark event. Finished 3rd and had a few chances to finish higher but couldn't win a couple races. Happy with my play in that event where preflop raises are given a ton of respect. The guys are generally tougher on each other than we are in blogger events (Waffles and MiamiDon excepted!) without the teaching. Lots of PXF guys which all seem to play a similar tight aggressive style. Not a problem... adjust a bit and try to give a less tight appearance to get them to overplay hands.

While the final table of the D2S plodded along the WWdN: Not got started. In early rounds of blogger events I like to start off quite aggro to keep people guessing. Won a large pot with TPTK when TP 2nd kicker called my overbet. Those extra chips allowed me to almost coast to the final table. I did make one stupid call with AJo when L8Bloomer raised large. That was one of those moments when you are in a big hand on the other table and your brain turns off. Soon as I hit call I knew I was dead... sure enough he had AQ and I doubled him up. He used those chips wisely since we ended up HU for the tournament.

The topic of Sharkscope results came up during the 5 minute break which didn't have me looking very good at all. My results in MTTs that are non blogger events haven't ended so well so I show up as a fish. The truth is that I am an alright player when I focus... but a donk when I don't.

Looking forward to getting to play live with Smokkee in a couple weeks. The goal is to play well in a live event at the Commerce Casino. Take out Ben Affleck! We will see.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mansion Hedge Bet On

Just got the hedge bet on for the Steelers game to ensure a $480 win as long as this game doesn't end in a tie.

Time to let all my buddies know how to put this thing on... hopefully a few of them thought the cash was worth it!