Thursday, May 07, 2009

Go Pens Go!

Well so far this month has been a slow start for me. Been moving to a new place over the last week and not getting in as many hands as I would like. The goal this month is to focus on playing fewer hands but of a much higher quality. So 4 tables max and only with the fish that I am looking for at the correct part of the table.

That has resulted in a 4 BI upswing over very few hands. Nice to run well for a little bit again and get myself motivated to continue to watch the videos and review sessions.

Coaching helps and I never thought I would need so much help with my game but so far so good!

Also seeing my Penguins win last night sure helped my state of mind. The good thing is that I didn't drink so much that my head hurts today. Drinking less at night and getting some sleep are things that will also improve my game.

For those who want to check out some pics of some hot chicks in the best swimwear... check out Wicked Weasel. Another anti-tilt device that I have found. Nice to see women submit their own photos for posting on the site.

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