Thursday, May 21, 2009

Super Aggro

I find that every time I watch some Stoxpoker videos and then start playing that my aggro factor goes up a bunch. This is good in a way since the one time I saw some high level stats they were in line with my post video approach. So the stuff from the videos is sinking in and when I watch I can call out the next play usually before it happens. Those coaches still shock me from time to time with the lines that they use! The only problem I have with the approach is that I end up with a ton of extra variance at the beginning of my sessions (usually negative) which I have to work out of before I can turn a profit.

I will say that this month I am quite dissapointed with the number of hands I am playing as I won't even be able to qualify for silver status for the iron man. The main goal now is to make sure that I get in enough hands to at least get the bronze status and work harder next month.

The "poker" computer needs to get the DVD replaced but it isn't a standard connection... thanks Dell for that shit micro sized tower. So I will have to go to a computer store and get that fixed so I can install my Spanish Rosetta Stone lessons. That will allow me to actually make a trip to South America before I begin to look for a job again.

The NHL playoffs are rolling along perfectly for me except that I was hoping that Chicago would slow down those Wings. Now the Penguins will just have to find a way to finish off Carolina and get rested... all of these days off between games should help out Gonchar get back into some sort of form for the finals. Then we need Osgood to play like shit and Fleury to play like a man possessed... do you feel the fear I have of the Wings? Sort of feels like having QQ on an AK9 monocrome board and you have none of that suit facing 4 maniacs who called your preflop raise!


Schaubs said...

I actually am pulling for the Pens. I am a huge Crosby and Malkin fan and I think Fleury is starting to peak at the perfect time.

I just think that the Red Wings play too mistake free and will pounce on those give aways all night.

Guin said...

I am going to start a Fleury for Carey Price + draft picks idea as that would rock for the Pens longer term.