Friday, May 08, 2009

Ads and stuff

I find it funny when I go to see how my blog looks and see "One Tree Hill" ads on it. Maybe I have a young sexy look to me that draws that type of crowd!

Yesterday was my first good long session in a while and I managed to stay off of tilt even though the stock market gave me a pounding. Strange to think that I worry so much about so little poker cash but my stock portfolio is giving me much more variance and I rarely flinch.

Well I am way behind in watching my Stoxpoker videos for the NLH beginners series but I expect to do some catchup today and play another 1k hands if all goes well.

Tonight hopefully the Penguins kick it up a notch and crush the Caps and drive that damn rookie goalie from the net. That will give them something to worry for game 5 which would be nice.

Aside from that not much else is going on. Grind away!

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