Monday, May 25, 2009

Loving Live Cash Games

Just got home after an 8 hour session playing 1/2 NL and it was mostly 6 max due to a lack of players showing up. This was my first time to this location and I have to say that it was the worst group of players that I have ever seen. We had one 80 year old guy at the table that played super tight but really weak. Only had a couple LAGs all night but most of them would give me tons of respect each time that I reraised them with position. Most of them would call a raise with junk and then fold to a cbet so it was an easy way to really build my stack. I tilted a calling station when I told him that I got him to fold when I missed my flush (I really had flopped a set). Very next hand I get KK and on a K high flop I bet and he calls my value bets to the river with 2nd pair.

It was a good +$460 session even after paying a huge rake all evening. They have a big turnout on Tuesday nights but the only problem that I have is that they are quite a haul from where I live. We will see if I can make it out there to continue to pick up some good cash to pay some bills.

On a sad note it doesn't look like I can meet the requirements to get even the bronze iron man status this month. That is dissapointing and hopefully I can easily meet that standard next month.

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