Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last Day in Current Club

Our poker club is moving I found out last night.... showed up because Kat said she would be there ... she wasn't in sight when I arrived. Shame since it has been too long since I last had a pint with her while ranting about some silly calling station getting lucky again.

Well last night I was the one making them whine. It is great when you can notice the cocky super lag before you see one hand... min raise from utg and then berates everyones play and taunts people the whole time. I mentioned to the guy sitting next to me what a piece of work that guy is and that I am going to run over him soon. He laughs at me and says that is his buddy and he has been pushing around the table for a while.

Took me about an orbit and he min raised from MP and I repoped him with QJs. He calls of course and when he checks to me I bet into him getting an insta call. Then he decides to get frisky with me and leads out on the turn so I call to induce a bluff bet on the river. He complys and puts out a weak river bet which I raise and he calls with J4o... nice first orbit time to get some food.

Overall he ended up busted along with a girl who loved to raise every hand because she said she didn't care about money. She must have not liked to win very often either because she did a lot of losing!

So I might check out this Nexxus club that is over at bloor and bathurst to try my hand against a group that has no clue how I play.

That is three profitable poker nights in a row... amazing what a little concentration and focus can do for the game.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

3rd Place in Club Tournament

Managed to get out last Wed night and play some poker and managed to get 3rd place. Amazed that I was able to play super tight and still get paid off for big hands.

Only hand where I thought I got a little luck on when I raised from MP with 77. The BB was so weak that I could just steal the blinds with a regular raise. Short stack to my left goes all in. One crazy fool down the end reraises which could be AK which is why I decided to call and gambool... I win the race vs. 44 and AK (good read me!) even with the first card off the deck being a 4!

Set over set has been my luck lately with me having the higher set. I guess if you play almost no poker for months you get a little luck. Now lets just get some internet access for me and I am off to the races.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Starting to get back into the groove

Really hating the idea of not having internet access at home but only going to rent there for another couple months so not worth it to get it installed at this point. Going without cable and a home phone as well because the builder messed up when they never put a line from the house to the cable box... going to be a bitch to fix it now.

This last long weekend I decided to go to Fallsview to play live against the fish. They have silly blinds for the max buy in allowed at the table... sat down at a 2/5 NL table with a 200 max buy in. Hand of the night had to be my limp of JJ from UTG which gets called by six others (no chance of getting anyone to fold so playing it like a small pocket pair!). The BB raises to $30 and five callers...

Perfect flop A J 7 rainbow. BB leads out for $60 and I smooth call. Super aggro asian behind me pushes for a total of $175 and too tight Jewish fellow calls for his last $60. BB goes into the tank which lets me know that I am way ahead or he is a great actor! Either way I am going to get my cash in the middle here as I don't have him raising that much with AA based on playing against him for the last 4 hours. He finally calls and then I reraise all in which is another $87 to the BB. He actually folds his AK which was impressive vs. all the pay so far this evening.

Asian guy had pocket 7's, and the Jewish guy had AK. JJ holds and I scoop a huge pot of over $700! Donked away about $150 before getting my ass off the tables close to 4 am and heading home to get up the next day at 9 am. Don't forget the 1 hour drive I have before getting to my place.