Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vegas tomorrow

Starting to get really excited today about the Pens game tonight and the trip tomorrow. Been a long time since I had some vacation time and I really need it. Looking forward to putting my NL skillz to work at some 1/2 tables full of tourists like myself!

My buddy has been trying to see some of the shit that I wouldn't care to get to like the Stratosphere which looks like a mini CN Tower so I am not interested. Just for perspective the white tower behind and to the right of the tower is 70+ stories high and that is approx. half way up the silly tower.

When it comes to seeing the sights I really want to focus on the poker rooms that I hear so much about. My buddy likes poker but he is more of a see the tourist stuff and take pictures type of guy.... me not so much. I want good food and cute girls everywhere I look. Top that off with some alcohol and I can have a good time! From Carmen's message from a couple days ago the VIP pools sound right up my alley. And I can impress the girls with my super white skin and randomly placed patches of back hair! Going to have to beat them back....

Getting to sleep tonight could be difficult.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hockey Playoffs

I never mentioned anything yet on the hockey playoffs... you figure with a name like Guin that I would mention my thoughts more often.

Well to tell you the truth I am but not on this blog.... I am using a Sportingnews blog to discuss my penGUINs on a daily basis.

The good news is that the team is playing with confidence and looking forward to watching them bash the remaining Senators tonight. Malkin is such a superstar and I hope that at the Igloo that they start chanting MVP for him when/if we play Washington in round 2. The hope right now is that the Rangers and Philly wins and we get the Rangers in the 2nd round. I think that with the Pens style of play that they are better suited to play against the Rangers.

First things first... Pens have to win 2 more games before we have to worry about the next competitor.

Slow Grind

Being back at lower limits is such a slow grind... I think I may earn more in rakeback than I am earning at the tables right now. No need to make any moves... just hit a hand and shove!

Using position to keep the win rate up to 5 ptbb / 100 but damn hard to play aggro when I am nursing the bankroll.

I may have to buy some bucks off of Carmen while in Vegas to get the online roll to a more reasonable level.

So looking forward to flight on Thursday morning. Going to sleep on the flight but not much after I get there.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Going to Vegas

Can you imagine that my wife was so cool as to allow me to go to Vegas to do a pre-Stag preparation long weekend?!!!

Since I have never been a person to organize a stag (which means I haven't been the best man to anyone else!) and I haven't been to Vegas she was a bit easier to convince. But either way it will be an awesome event for this pre-Stag and I may try to put the stag itself over the blogger weekend and some of us might join in on the blogger poker tourney. Not sure if you guys could hang with a couple more drunk Canadians looking to lose some cash to big hammer drops but you never know.

So any suggestions will be very helpful... this trip has less of a budget constraint than the next one so let me know the cool pools and clubs to hang around in. Almost forgot but we are also interested in the best reasonably priced golf courses to play in the area.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Darn Work!

Right after getting all setup to play poker again I found myself in a typical problem... work is driving me nuts so when I sit down to play I can't focus. I think I really need a few months off to really recharge my batteries but that isn't possible. The new venture has been going for five months now and things are looking good.

Looking to rebuild the online poker roll as I took a bunch of it offline recently to play some live poker with horrible results.

Thinking of the bloggers as I may have a chance to get out to Vegas sometime in the near future for the first time which would be really cool. If I firm something up I will be bugging a couple people for some input on what to do and see.

Hope everyone is hitting all their draws!